Simple industrial felt iPad sleeve for your iPad Air and iPad Mini


119,00 zł PLN

Simple industrial felt iPad sleeve can protect your iPad Air and iPad Mini from scratches, bumps, dirt and grime. Felt iPad Air sleeve and iPad Mini sleeve provides protection in your bag or backpack. It will help you keep your iPad Air and iPad Mini in great condition for a very long time.

Felt used by Gopher is a synthetic fabric. Special conditions during the production process make surface of the felt perfectly flat. Approximate thickness is 4mm. 

Felt is impregnated on one side so inner side of the box will be a little more rough and slightly brighter than outer side. Thanks to impregnation felt is more resistant to stretching and it is more stiff.

Felt is very durable. Your item can be used for years without any damage. This material requires only shaving form time to time. You should do it using clothes shaving machine.

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