About Gopher

Fabrics and materials used by GopherPerson behind Gopher brand

Hello, my name is Alicja. I'm product designer and founder of Gopher. I believe that life is worth cerebrating and we should do it by surrounding ourselves with unique, simple and beautiful items. Product design and handcraft are my hobbies, way of live and the best idea as far as job is concerned. I am also a student of Interior Design at Artistic University in Poznan. Thanks to my education I have a lot of sources of inspiration and I am able to develop my ideas in a very creative community.

Dark gray iPad case with flap and elastic band together with felt pencil holder - designed and handmade by Gopher

Products designed and made by Gopher

In Gopher shop you can find variety of original, beautiful and first of all practical items. Gopher specialises in home decor item likes felt boxes and other containers and felt cases for laptops, tablets, smartphones and many other electronic devices. Everybody is able to find something for him or herself. Each item is made of high quality fabrics which are bought from local suppliers where they are chosen with care about details.

Every product in this shop is designed and handmade by me. It is my passion which I want to share with you.

Red felt cases with flap and elastic band for Macbook Pro, iPad and pencils laying on layers of light and dark gray felt - designed and handmade by Gopher

Fabrics and materials used by Gopher

Industrial technical felt

Industrial technical felt comes from the recycling so it is environmentally friendly. Technical felt is a mixture of cotton, linien and synthetic fabrics. Special conditions during the production process make surface of the industrial technical felt perfectly flat. Approximate thickness 3mm but it can vary a little in different parts of the fabric.

Industrial technical felt is stiff enough to let boxes and other goods keep their shape. It is more rough than other colours of the felt available in my shop.

This material requires shaving form time to time. You should do it using clothes shaving machine.

Synthetic Felt

Felt used by Gopher is a synthetic fabric. Approximate thickness is 4mm.

Felt is impregnated on one side so inner side of the box or case will be a little more rough and slightly brighter than outer side. Thanks to impregnation felt is more resistant to stretching and it is more stiff. Also, it makes boxes, cases and other felt goods keep their shape even when they are empty.

Felt is very durable. Your item can be used for years without any damage. This material requires only shaving form time to time. You should do it using clothes shaving machine.